Bringing Learning to Life Through Global Experience


Talbot Youth Travel is a non-profit community group that believes the best way to learn about the world is through exploration, adventure, and personal reflection. We provide youth with the opportunity to learn about themselves as they experience the world first-hand through educational tours to a variety of culturally diverse and historically significant locales. Through fundraising, TYT will help offset additional fees experienced while on tour (tips to guides for example), and we hope to offer scholarships to potential travelers who are unable to cover the cost of the trip on their own.

Talbot Youth Travel has partnered with EF Tours, a world renowned educational tour company, to provide educational tours that are affordable, safe, and fun for our travelers. Our group leaders normally take one tour per year during the summer break. Tours typically last between 8-12 days and include a wide variety of activities like visiting museums, historical buildings & sites, reenactments, guided tours, and workshops. We are now recruiting for Summer 2019 tours going to Belize and France/Germany.