Before you depart on your tour you will need to make provisions with your cell phone company to sure you have service in the country you are traveling to. Here you’ll find some info on current plans offered by the most popular companies. It should be said that you do not NEED to bring your phone, or if you must bring it you can always turn your data off and wait to use it when you’re in a place that has free WiFi.


Travel Pass – For $10 a day you use you plans normal allowance so if you have unlimited talk and text you don’t have to worry about overages. Data is billed as it always it.

For more information on Travel Pass and other offerings from Verizon please visit


International Day Pass – For $10 a day you enjoy unlimited talk and text and you use the data out of your normal plan.

For more information on International Day Pass and other offerings from AT&T please visit


Sprint Global Roaming – Calling will cost you $0.20 per minutes while text and 2g data is free. If you want high speed LTE data they offer a $5.00 a day plan or $25.00 per week.

For more information on Sprint Global Roaming and other offerings from Sprint please visit



T-mobile One – This plan includes unlimited text and Data while traveling abroad, calls with cost you $0.20 per minute.

For more information on T-Mobile One and other offerings from T-Mobile please visit

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