Rome and Athens – Summer 2018


Rome and Athens are more than just cities to explore. They are living artifacts for you to examine from every angle. In Rome, the ancient treasures are sprinkled across the map, seamlessly integrated into everyday life. In Athens, most of the relics share a spotlight on center stage, high above modern society on the Acropolis. But each city changes your views of history, and offers new perspective on the world today.


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Day 1: Fly overnight to Italy

Day 2: Rome
– Meet your Tour Director at the airport in Rome, a city that integrates its past into the present better than any other. During your stay, explore the world’s most famous arena, the Colosseum, where you can almost hear the stamping feet of the crowds gathered for gladiatorial combat. Nearby, the Roman Forum marks the former heart of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar gave many of his great political speeches there. On your visit to the Vatican City, marvel at Michelangelo’s breathtaking ceiling in the Sistine Chapel and look out for the colorful uniforms of the Swiss Guard, protectors of the Vatican City. Before you say “arrivederci,” toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure a return trip to the Eternal City.

Day 3: Rome
– Take an expertly guided tour of Vatican City
– Visit the Sistine Chapel
– Visit St. Peter’s Basilica
– Take an expertly guided tour of Rome
– Visit the Colosseum
– Visit the Roman Forum
– Take a self-guided walking tour of Rome:
Trevi Fountain; Pantheon; Piazza Navona;
Spanish Steps

Day 4: Pompeii
Once a city of ancient prosperity, many wealthy Romans established their homes here thousands of years ago. When neighboring Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79, it cloaked the Roman resort in volcanic ash, perfectly preserving the minutiae of daily life. The buildings and artifacts left behind make this one of the richest archaeological sites in the world. See the fully excavated ruins of the town’s ancient temples, forum and theatre. Of Pompeii’s three bathhouses, the Stabian Baths was the largest complex. Learn about their ingenious heating method—one of the earliest examples of its kind—that brought hot water to visitors.

Day 5: Rome | Athens
– Fly to Athens and discover the ancient city named for Athena, goddess of war and wisdom. During your stay you’ll visit the Acropolis to view the Parthenon, perhaps the world’s greatest architectural feat. See the Temple of Athena Nike, which once housed a gold statue of the goddess, her wings clipped to prevent her from deserting the city. Snap a picture of the Presidential Guard in traditional costume, then pass the stadium that hosted the first modern Olympics in 1896. You’ll also have the chance to see the Temple of Olympian Zeus, built in 515 B.C. to honor the most powerful of all Greek gods.

Day 6: Athens
– Take an expertly guided tour of Athens:
Olympic Stadium
– Visit the Acropolis: Parthenon; Temple
of Athena Nike
– Visit the Acropolis Museum
– Take a walking tour of Athens: Plaka District
– Participate in a Greek dance lesson

Day 7: Athens
– Full day to see more of Athens

Day 8: Depart for home

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