My Camera Gear for Peru

Today EF shared via email a blog post for people who are planning to use video to document their trip, it is full of great info so I figured I’d share it with you guys just in case you missed the email. You can check out their blog post but I’ve included their video tutorials playlist in this post as well. I personally will be bringing a nice point and shoot camera (Canon G16), a Hero5 GoPro with a few accessories (backpack clip, headband, and selfie stick) and my Samsung S8+ phone. I am also bringing 2 extra batteries for both the GoPro and my Canon along with battery chargers that connect via USB so I can use my battery pack to recharge stuff on the go if need be. I’m leaving my Nikon DSLR and all my lenses at home for this trip so i don’t have to babysit them (its another backpack i’d have to carry).

Remember, whether you are recording video or just taking pictures we have to be mindful of EF’s Photo policy which states: In order to ensure photos are not exploitative or disrespectful of the community, we ask that you only take photos of people who have a relationship with the non-profit you are serving, only after obtaining their permission. 

I look forward to seeing everyone’s pictures and videos, be sure the use the hashtags #TYTPeru and #EFTours for anything you share so everyone can find your work!