Rome/Athens Parent Meeting Notes


Next Meeting: Thursday, April 26 @ 6pm Elks Lodge Ballroom

Homework: Go to AND and decide if you want to earn credit for your trip (there are high school and college credit options)

***All meetings are mandatory now***

Please contact Nori or Shelley if there is an extenuating circumstance.

Getting to Know You Activity

  • Travelers introduced themselves 🙂

Travel Dates & Lodgings:

  • We have requested July, 10 – July 17, BUT our travel window is July 6 – July 21.
  • We should be getting finalized travel dates by mid-March. I will share that info the moment I find out.
  • We will find out exact flight numbers and hotels by mid-April.

Welcome new travelers

  • New chaperone: Richard Osborne
  • New traveler: Fischer Herron

Finances (Tips & On-tour Spending Money)

  • Manual Payments- All travelers making manual payments must be paid in full by March 22 or switched to the automatic payment plan.
  • If you do not want to fundraise for tips, please bring a check for $60 made payable to Talbot Youth Travel to the next meeting and it will be noted on your account.
  • Fundraising-
    • Adult fundraising event: St. Michael’s Wine Fest, April 28-29 (10:30a–6:00p)
  • Student and/or Adult fundraising event: St. Michael’s Running Fest, May 19
    • 2 spots left! (Karin- I marked you down)
    • Students will also earn service-learning hours
  • Updated Tips Chart:

(all tips raised)

$36 No tip money raised yet
Will B. Cevera T. Adrianna H.
Emma M. Caroline S. Katherine K.
Emily S. Evelyn C. Caroline M.
Dayja D. Evan G. Lily O.
Taylor J. Olivia T. Michaela R.
Bethany D. Courtney S. Darby T.
Shelley S. Annie W. Taylor B.
Nori B. Ellie W. Barbara B.
Brad B. Tahreem H. Matt H.
Kelly K. Ramona H.
Theresa K. Karin O.
Adrienne H. Connie R.
Jamie W.
Fischer H.
Richard O.


Adult chaperone expectations

  • Adults will act as role models and try to maintain positives attitudes (even if we’re really tired at the end of a long day full of walking!)
  • Adults will be ‘assigned’ a small group of students to keep eyes on, and will do periodic head counts.
  • Adults are expected to participate in all activities.
  • Adults will help conduct room checks and monitor students in the hotel.
  • Adults may responsibly consume alcohol with dinner.
  • Adults will help to enforce rules and expectations set by the group leaders.

Student behavior expectations

  • Students are expected to behave responsibly and safely at all times.
  • Students are expected to try to maintain positives attitudes (even if we’re really tired at the end of a long day full of walking!)
  • Students are expected to be on time (that means 5 minutes early!) and must participate in all group activities.
  • Students may not consume alcohol at any time. If students are caught drinking, they will be sent at home your expense.
  • After room checks students may not leave their hotel room without an adult. If students sneak out, they will be sent home at your expense.
  • Students are expected to stay with the group during all tour activities. During free time, students must be in groups of at least 3. (The only time you are allowed to be alone is in the bathroom!)