This info has been shared before but I wanted to include it in a post so it’s easier to find. I’ve included links to the flights for easy tracking.

Itinerary 1 “TEAM SHELLEY” – American Airlines

  • Flight AA4584 – 3:20pm to Philadelphia
  • Arrival Time: 4:42pm
  • Flight AA718 – 6:30pm to Rome (flight time – 8h 40m)
  • Arrival Time: 9:10am CEST (3:10am EDT)

Itinerary 2 “TEAM NORI” – Delta Air

  • Flight DL2741 – 3:00pm to Detroit
  • Arrival Time: 4:46pm
  • Flight DL236 – 6:27pm to Rome (flight time – 8h 43m)
  • Arrival Time: 9:15am CEST (3:15am EDT)

While traveling, our tracking website will be following #TeamNori, but #TeamShelley will but posting updates on their travel to social media.