All of our travel details in one place.

7/13: Travel to Rome

Everyone needs to be at Reagan National by 1:00pm. Parents, plan to park and bring your child into the airport to the designated drop-off area. Please see Nori or Shelley before you leave.

Itinerary 1 – “Team Shelley”

  • Flight AA4584 – 3:20pm to Philadelphia
  • Arrival Time: 4:42pm
  • Flight AA718 – 6:30pm to Rome (flight time – 8h 40m)
  • Arrival Time: 9:10am CEST (3:10am EDT)

Itinerary 2 – “Team Nori”

  • Flight DL2741 – 3:00pm to Detroit
  • Arrival Time: 4:46pm
  • Flight DL236 – 6:27pm to Rome (flight time – 8h 43m)
  • Arrival Time: 9:15am CEST (3:15am EDT)

7/14 – 7/17: Rome

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7/17: Rome to Athens:

“Team TYT” (everyone is on the same plane)

  • Flight AZ718 – 3:35PM (9:35am EDT) to Athens (flight time 1h 55m)
  • Arrival Time: 6:30pm (11:30am EDT)

7/17 – 7/20: Athens

  • While in Athens we will be staying at the Hotel Savoy Greece.
  • Time Difference: +7 hours

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 7/20: Travel from Athens

Itinerary 1 – “Team Shelley”

  • Flight AA759 – 11:45am (4:45am EDT) to Philadelphia (flight time: 11h 10m)
  • Arrival time: 3:55pm
  • Flight AA4515 – 5:55pm to Reagan International
  • Arrival time: 7:17pm

Itinerary 2 – “Team Nori”

  • Flight DL214 – 2:15pm (7:15am EDT) to New York (flight time: 11h 9m)
  • Arrival Time: 6:24pm
  • Flight DL3494 – 8:15pm to Reagan International
  • Arrival Time: 9:57pm

Plan to pick up your children at baggage claim. We will be posting this info on social media as soon as we have it. DO NOT leave the airport with your child until you have talked with Nori or Shelley. If your child is be carpooling home with someone else please let us know before departure.