While on tour last year in Peru we experimented with using GPS to track our travels. This was a last minute idea I had (the night before we left) to give parents the ability to actually see where we were while on tour through live updates to an interactive map on our site. Internet availability was sometimes spotty but what we ended up with was a nice overview of our adventure. After the trip I was able to take the saved GPS data to create maps of our travels. We plan to use this technology again this year for our tour of Rome and Athens. Should we be doing more? Do you have an idea to make this better? Let us know!

Check out the maps below to see our trip through Peru, (flights are in white).

Peru 2017 – The Whole Tour

[tsmap track=68,120,123,72,78,122,121,86,98,99,100,103,124,125,106 color=white,white,blue,green,grey,white,orange,brown,red,teal,black,yellow,white,purple,white  continuous=n points=n markers=y]

Peru 2017 – Day One: Travel

[tsmap track=68,120,123]

Peru 2017 – Day Two: Lima

[tsmap track=72]

Peru 2017 – Day Three: Travel to Cusco

[tsmap track=78,122,121 color=blue,white,blue]

Peru 2017 – Day Four: Machu Picchu

[tsmap track=86]

Peru 2017 – Day Five: Service Project

[tsmap track=98]

Peru 2017 – Day Six: Service Project

No recorded data for this day

Peru 2017 – Day Seven: Pisac Market / Cusco

[tsmap track=100]

Peru 2017 – Day Eight: Cusco to Lima

[tsmap track=103,124,125 color=blue,white,blue]