Hi Everyone,

Below is all of the information we discussed at the April meetings, plus some bonus information: We have received flight assignments. Please review the information below and reply with any questions or concerns.


Nori & Shelley

Upcoming Meeting Dates: (MANDATORY)

  • Tuesday, May 29 @ 6pm –Elks Lodge ballroom
    • Emergency forms due
    • Roommate surveys due
    • weShare decisions due
  • Thursday, June 7 @ 6 pm –Elks Lodge ballroom
  • Thursday, July 5 @ 6 pm —Passport Collection Elks Lodge ballroom.
    • Group Leaders will go up extra early on departure day to print out boarding passes for all travelers.
    • They will be returned to travelers for boarding and will be collected back for safe storage when safely through customs.

Finances (Tips & Fundraising)·

  • Tips- see updated chart in email.
  • St. Michael’s Running Festival
    • Saturday, May 19 5am – 9am
    • Group leaders will bring Service-Learning forms
    • Training meeting: Thursday, May 10th @ 6pm – Elks Lodge 
      • This is optional, but please reply to this email as soon as possible if you are coming. The trainer is buying pizza for those that attend. 🙂

Travel Dates & Flight Information

  • CONFIRMED dates: July 13 – 20
  • To and From flight details in email!
  • We do not have flight information yet for the Rome to Athens flight mid-tour.
  • Unfortunately, they were unable to get us all on the same flight, but we were able to ensure that there is a group leader and a balance of chaperones on each itinerary.

Group Pairing:

  • We have been paired with a group of 6 from Louisiana.
    • 2 adult chaperones
    • 4 students (2 Male, 2 Female, ages 13-14)

Emergency Forms:

  • We have completed forms from Evelyn C, Kelly K, Will B, Katherine K, and Annie W
  • Adult chaperones are not required to complete the emergency form, but are encouraged to do so.
  • Complete and get back to Mrs. Burkhardt or Mrs. Strother by May 29
  • Paper form (attached) or online (All data is secure)
  • http://www.talbotyouthtravel.org/med-form/ password: TYT2018

On-tour Roommates:

  • Rooms are typically 4 students of the same gender, but some hotels may differ.
  • The students from the other group may end up room sharing with our group; it just depends on the hotel.
  • We will have generally have the flexibility to change roommates while on tour if needed or requested.
  • All roommate surveys must be completed and turned in by May, 29.
  • These surveys are just meant to help Group leaders get a head start on planning; they are not guarantees.

Medications/Personal Hygiene:

  • All medications (prescription or OTC) must be in their original containers.
  • Mrs. Burkhardt & Mrs. Strother will carry medications at parent’s request.
  • We have a supply of all OTC meds listed on the emergency form, as well as first-aid kits.
    • Extra Dramamine is always helpful. We have run out on every trip!
  • . The stress of travel can do strange things to your body, and you should be prepared.
    • Tell your child to let a group leader or chaperone know if they are having “bathroom issues” (going too much or not enough). It is very normal.
    • Ladies–it is a wise idea to bring your preferred period supplies too!

Dietary Restrictions: (For both adult and student travelers)

  • If you have food allergies or have voluntary food restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, etc.), please make sure it is noted on your emergency form.
  • It is your responsibility to contact airlines with any food restrictions.
    • If your child is a picky eater, please let us know that too (with details)!

Cell Phones/Contact with home on tour:

  • Be sure to contact your carrier to set up a plan.
    • Details for the major carriers on our website
    • For ‘pay by the day’ international plans, you will not be charged if the traveler’s phone is turned off.  
  • Do not expect to get a call from your child every day on tour.
  • The group leaders will post group pictures to Talbot Youth Travel Facebook page at least once daily while on tour.
  • You will also be able to live track our current location on our website by going to http://track.talbotyouthtravel.org


  • Go to weShare’s website AND EF’s SNHU Course Page to decide if you want to earn credit for your trip.
  • Samples projects from EF’s website Even better, here’s one from an one of our previous travelers, Katie Allen! Her project was profiled on EF’s Facebook page
  • Rubric & Teacher’s Guide (this is helpful for designing your project)
  • Mrs. Burkhardt & Mrs. Strother need to know by May 29.


  • Carry-on only on the way there. You may check a bag on the way home.
  • We recommend purchasing a collapsible duffel similar to this one to use as your checked bag.
    • Fill the duffel with dirty laundry. Pack all your souvenirs in your carry-on to ensure they don’t get lost.
  • Carry-on bags- 1 personal item & 1 bag (22 in x 14 in x 9 in)
  • You are also allowed a personal item (a backpack or purse)
  • All liquids must fit in a single quart size bag, each bottle is 3 oz. or less. Make sure this bag is easily accessible in your carry-on.
  • Make sure you have appropriate clothes for our visit to the Vatican. Vatican Dress Code

Spending Money:

  • EF recommends budgeting between the equivalent of $30-$60 USD per day, this would be about $200-$400 for the entire trip (excluding travel days)
    • It’s important to always have some €1 coins for restrooms. Free, public restrooms are unicorns in Europe.
  • We will do a group order in June to exchange money locally so we all have some Euros in hand when we land.
  • As of 05/08/18, $1 USD = €.84 Euro (A currency conversion app is helpful.)
  • Be sure to bring some US dollars for airport spending (snacks, incidentals, etc.)
  • Contact your bank and let them know to expect international spending.
  • Do NOT send your child with traveler’s checks, gift cards, or the debit card to your primary account.
  • We highly recommend setting up a separate account as an added safety measure
  • Capital One & Charles Schwab both offer low transaction fees. (We both use Capital One since it’s very easy to transfer funds between accounts with their mobile app.)
  • Group leaders will hold funds or ATM cards for students if requested. We have locking bank bags that we will be stored in the hotel safe.